Our Telemarketing Services – We Cold Call Prospects For You

Our telemarketing mission is to cold call prospects for you.

Our service is simple yet effective.  You could do exactly the same thing we do and it would be successful.

“Is my time more valuable closing business or generating leads?”

We start with purchasing the best, premium marketing prospect lists available.

Then we target the consumer who is most likely to have interest in your product or services.

Then we call each and every prospect on the list and give them a presentation about your product or service.

At the end of the presentation they are asked if they are interested in hearing more about the business opportunity, product or service.

Interested prospects are identified and transferred to your personal voicemail where their information is captured.  Additionally, they are given the option to leave their name and best phone number to reach them.

When the interested prospect hangs up, you receive an email “real-time” notifying you that you have a prospect who has indicated they would like to be contacted for more information.


Aren’t you curious?

We hate spam too and do not share your information.