How Do I Become A Member?

Here’s  just one example of how members can benefit.

“Sharon” is a gym teacher who has a neighbor, “James”, who owns an insurance agency.

Jame’s agency is in Georgia with 20 agents and mails out business reply postcards to generate sales leads.

James took a look at the club because his neighbor Sharon told him that the club may save him a lot of money on his advertising costs.

Every week, James’ agency mails 2,000 postcards for each agent at .44 cents each which is about 160,000 total mailers per month.

Because James wants to save on direct mail he joined at the Platinum Membership level for $5,000 annual membership fee and $1,200 annual admin fee.

It’s now 16 weeks later and James is saving .08 cents on each mailer for a total savings of $51,200 dollars. (160k mailers x 16 weeks x .08 cents)

James is so happy he referred his friend in Texas and another in Arizona.


So , 16 weeks later, here is how the club has benefited James:

Annual Membership Referral Website Total Annual Membership Cost
$5,000 $1,200 $6,200


Jame’s savings as a club member:

Agents Mailers per Agent Was Paying Club Price Savings Total Mailers Savings in 16 Weeks
20 2000 $0.44 $0.36 $0.08 640,000 $51,200.00


James also earned cash as a result of his 2 referrals:

Referrals Revenue Each Total Cash Earned
2 $5,000.00 $10,000.00


Now ask yourself, “What does it cost to NOT become a member?”


Sharon simply referred James and will earn 100% of the annual membership fee he pays for as long as he is a member.  Sharon is a gym teacher and doesn’t even use the direct mail service.  Sharon has decided to tell anyone she can about the club and it’s benefeits.


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