What is the Club For Closers?

The Club For Closers is a membership-only buying club that provides a wide selection of lead generation, advertising services and business services at wholesale prices.

In a nutshell, just like those BIG BOX membership clubs in your town that sell TVs, washing machines, camera and groceries, The Club For Closers offers super discounted – wholesale if you will – prices to members only.



We focus on providing advertising and lead generating products and services at wholesale club pricing.

The success of any business is new customers.  New customers are a direct result of a constant flow of fresh leads.

Here are just a few of the services provided to club members:


The major difference?  Our Referral Program.  Curious?


Telemarketing Services At Wholesale Pricing

This is how we generate most of our new business.  As a member, you will use the exact same business growth system.

  • We cold call prospects targeted to your offer
  • We give a presentation about your product or service
  • We transfer interested prospects to your voicemail
  • You get voicemail with unlimited messages
  • We generate interested prospects for the product or service

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Direct Mail Services At Wholesale Pricing

You get our expert direct mail services at wholesale pricing.

  • You get premium mailing lists wholesale
  • Choose as many selects and pay wholesale
  • Full service direct mail and you pay wholesale
  • First-class, standard, it doesn’t matter
  • You pay the actual postage costs

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Email Marketing Services At Wholesale Pricing

You get our expert Email  services at wholesale pricing.

  • Generate leads
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Make more sales


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Aren’t you curious?

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